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Pavlides Associates S.A. was founded in 1976 by Lefteris and Patrizia Pavlides. fter a successful 20-year course, in 1997 it was turned into a Consulting Company with the status of a Public Limited Company.
Pavlides Associates S.A. is registered under category E for Architectural designs (06), and Special Architectural designs (07).

The companys staff includes selected and qualified Architects, Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers and professionals of other disciplines. It is the policy of the office to contract firm and long-lasting collaborations, aiming at the formation of a team with mutual high targets and excellent personal relations.

he Company undertakes architectural studies in any design phase (preliminary, final, detailed) as well as structural and electromechanical studies, and also projects management services.
Pavlides Associates S.A. holds great experience in the supervision of construction of any project undertaken. This results in ensuring with the best possible way the quality of the construction works and in eliminating any failures or omissions, along with the control of the construction cost.
n addition supervising the construction phase has as a result constructible studies, and realizable solutions in compliance with the designs.

The approach of a study begins from focusing on the clients needs and by trying to meet them in the best possible way. The materials are chosen following the demands of the project under study, and great importance is given in the functional needs. Solutions are reached and developed by the vast experience Pavlides Associates S.A. has in different kinds of projects with particular requirements.