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All such information is then interwoven with engineering aspects, operational solutions proposed by expert engineers and, naturally, with the esthetic demands of the project. This is considered necessary, due to the fact that contemporary buildings are becoming more complex, and therefore good collaboration and co-ordination is indispensable.

The companys target is a complete study, which corresponds to the needs and solves problems, within a reasonable time margin and with attention to the final cost. In order to achieve a successful study, effective collaboration with the involving engineers is important. For the proper realization of the study, which is everyones final demand, Pavlides Associates S.A. realises the supervision of the construction with staff permanently on site.
Pavlides Associates S.A. staff takes particular care to ensure the selection of appropriate construction methods and materials, which result in an esthetic and quality outcome, without deviations from the initial budget.

The thorough equipment of the company is compatible with the insight of its associates. The profound knowledge and full exploitation of the opportunities offered by these tools contribute effectively to the proper elaboration of even the most demanding designs with a high quality and at a reasonable cost.