The project comprises the design and construction of the offices for a cosmetics firm for a total of 750sqm.

Pavlides Associates was involved in the design (Architectural and Electromechanical) of the office space from scratch, as well as the construction of part of the works (plaster boards, glass partitions, Data cabling etc). Total headcount amounts to 50 plus 5 hot desks. There are 5 small conference rooms, plus 2 large conference rooms divided by a movable wall which can be unified into a large assembly. There is a Cafeteria that seats 24, kitchen, storage areas and Data room.

Main Architectural feature of the project are the two elliptical spaces. The first one is the entrance lobby, and the second acts as a spill-out space for the large assembly room and the cafeteria. The entire layout adheres to the open space concept for the entirety of the workspaces, without differentiation or closed spaces for management. The layout is loose enough to allow for a 10-15% headcount increase in the future. Materials used are carpet tiles and LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) for the flooring, mineral fibre and plaster boards for the false ceilings and glass partitions floor-to-ceiling with no studs.

Pavlides Associates was involved in the design with Detailed Design in Architectural and Electromechanical with Tender Documentation. Construction works lasted 3 months full within schedule.


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