The apartment is located in a 1950’s office building in the historical centre of Athens, and it resulted from the unification of three contiguous properties.
All previous existing interiors finishing, as well as electrical and plumbing have been striped off, leaving just the concrete structure intact, where there has been some reinforcement works.
The new apartment has unobstructed view to the Plaka district and the Acropolis. Its longitudinal arrangement occupies the entire front of the building, with an external terrace running along its façade.
The interior arrangement pursues the idea of an open plan space, with the different areas bounded by furniture layout or movable partitions.
In order to keep the view from inside unobstructed, special custom-made fold-and-slide openings have been designed, made of extra small section steel.
The materials mainly used were wood, steel and face bricks. The indoors and outdoors flooring is wooden, and wooden is also the partition separating the master bedroom. Steel has been used in the openings, the kitchen furniture and the fireplace. The face bricks are original handmade 19th century demolition material.
Except from the main living spaces, there are also the more private ones, which include a large bathroom with a shower, a bathtub with hydro massage, a Turkish bath and a walk-in closet.
The space is completed with the corner atrium, which has double use. It can either be incorporated with the internal space in the winter, or by opening the large movable glass opening, it can be a shaded extension of the terrace in the summer.


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