The building is designed with a central atrium in succession of the open square surrounding it. The Eastern and Western sectors of office spaces, together with the auditorium, are developed on either side of the atrium.

The layout is based on the optimum aspect and on taking advantage of environmental conditions (sun exposure, ventilation).

The design ensures optimum working conditions for all employees and agreeable surroundings for visitors, without wasting energy.
In visitor areas, emphasis was laid on assuring easy access to the services directly related with the public.
The building structure is uncomplicated, free of particular requirements, provided with a high degree of seismic strength.

The air-conditioning, heating and lighting installations were designed in compliance with modern concepts for minimizing energy consumption, while provisions were made for energy production.

When completed, the headquarters of the Prefecture Authority at Trikala is sure to constitute a prominent centre of administration not only to the city, but to the entire prefecture area. Viewed from this point, its location far from the city centre, on a road axis connecting with the wider area, is a positive aspect. Stemming from this, the architectural solution aims at producing a building that will constitute a “landmark” for the region. The building is laid out over the southernmost part of the site, thus ensuring ample free space for a parking lot and, in future, the emergence of a further building of equal size. The development of an important structure of public administration is accompanied by the creation of an open public space supplementing the former and penetrating into the atrium, thus laying emphasis to the succession of the built-up with the open area. After the erection of the second building over the northern part of the site, the square is bound to act as an element connecting the two structures.


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