The parameters forming the basic directives of the design (or the redesign, since the building shell was already there) consist of developing a working environment that combines comfort, a variation of scenarios in the interior and functional use of the space.

It is a two-storey building with a basement. Its interior is divided into entities directly accessible from the main entrance. The main entrance and internal reception patio extend over the entire height of the building and are crossed by a bridge connecting the two parts of the building. The central circular stairs of vertical communication also leads to the bridge.

The patio constitutes a principal feature of the architectural solution. Its dimensions are almost those of a cube. The two external sides are identical in design (large glass faces), with the two internal ones featuring diverse characters. One is developed as an interior façade of a solid building, with the one facing it appearing to be open. Thus, the building is divided into two space entities and at the same time its absolute symmetry is suppressed.

The suppression of absolute symmetry enables the user of the building to obtain an immediate perception of space and to orient himself with convenience.

PAVLIDES ASSOCIATES SA, were also commissioned with the project management of the construction works.


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