The building will be built in a 4-acre area, near the sea in the town of Oropos.
It will house an indoor hospitalization center, as well as a daycare center with independent entrances. The center will consist of three hospitalization clinics, with 96 beds capacity in total. It will also house rest-out areas, dinning area and a swimming pool for therapeutic treatments.
It is a two-story building with a basement and it is formed by two elongated wings connected to each other by the central element of the main entrance and the swimming pool. The main entrance space has a double-story height, with free “bridge” corridor that links the two wings. A linear stair and an elevator give access to the first story. The swimming pool area has an independent roof and spacious internal height.
The south wing holds two hospitalization clinics, one on the ground floor and one on the first floor. Each one has a 39-bed capacity, divided in 13 triple rooms, and one isolation room. Every room has a specially arranged WC for handicapped people. The basement holds spaces for the E&M equipment of the building.
The north wing holds the management offices of the center on the first floor and one hospitalization clinic of 18 beds capacity. The doctor’s offices, the examination rooms, the labs and the dinning area are placed on the ground floor. The landscaping is lowered at the north side of the building, in order to create an independent entrance, and to achieve natural light and ventilation for the day-care center. Every hospitalization clinic is completed with a rest-out area, a high-care room, an individual therapy room and the senior nurse and the doctor’s offices. The building will be located in the center of the area, and in the southeast part a one-story guesthouse will be built to accommodate the families of the patients.
The building is designed to be built with metal frame. The external walls will be of compound polyurethane panels and special care will be taken in order to achieve less energy consumption. The building is evaluated with the higher rating in the green building certification.
The recovery and rehabilitation center holds plenty of spaces, greater than required by regulations, which will make the stay and the recovery more pleasant for everyone. The surrounding area of the building completes the necessities of the center. It is formed as a garden with high vegetation and with small parts for relaxing and walking.


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